Leg Lowering Test


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Leg Slide and Leg Lowering tests: Performed to assess the lower abdominal muscles that are not carefully assessed with the trunk curl up. The test can be done in two different ways according to your strength capacity. Normally the easiest is performed first.

The subject is in supine with knees bent and posterior pelvic tilt. Then, the patient is asked to straighten one leg at the time, keeping the heel in contact with the table and attempting not to lose the posterior tilt. If too easy, the patient can try both legs simultaneously.

If also the latter is deemed possible, then the patient is asked to perform the leg lowering test. The patient is supine with lumbar spine flat on the table (posterior pelvic tilt), knees extended and leg in 90° position. At this point, the legs are slowly lowered to the table without curving the spine. As soon as anterior tilt is detected the test is stopped and evaluated as positive (Kendall et al, 1993; Norris, 1995).