Who we are

The team

The team

Our team consists of three members,  Julie and her two Sara’s. We are third year physiotherapy students in the European School of Physiotherapy (ESP), Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

We were a good team, complement each other well and are thankfully still friends after this arduous PAP journey.

Why we do this

The website is created as part of our professional assignment project which is part of the last year ESP curriculum. The idea for this assignment is based on our own difficulties within the ESP program, and the idea that further instruction is needed on an important subject like lumbar spine assessment. The ESP program, being accelerated, leaves much room for self-study and can leave questions for the students regarding the material taught in such a short time. A further interest in the lumbar spine also helped create the idea for the project, and that culminating all aspects of assessment of the lumbar spine into one simple website tutorial would be a helpful tool for new students.

In this way, we want to provide a user friendly one stop website for assessment, testing, evidence regarding that testing, and possible treatment options for ourselves and fellow students. We hope to develop an easy option for students and a helpful reminder of the basics of lumbar spine assessment. The website is meant to be used in the ESP first year, semester 2 curriculum, and thereby actively participating in the quality of the ESP curriculum and the physiotherapy profession.

The videos will be of great learning value, as time in classes is often limited and teachers may not have time to show the tests that need to be learned. This way, students can review the tests themselves after watching the videos in 3 planes, and see the link between the pathologies, tests and treatments.